Triple R

Carlube - Road, Rally, Racing

OUR FLAGSHIP RANGE, TRIPLE R premium grade engine oils have been tested on the road and race track to maximise engine performance. Triple R low ash/low SAPS engine oils are formulated to meet and exceed the most stringent requirements of car manufacturers and are suitable for engines operating under extended service regimes.

Triple R Fully synthetic engine oils offer increased engine protection and longer engine life, reduced friction, better lubrication during extreme cold weather starts and increased MPG.

With an innovative anti-glug “R Flow” bottle design, Triple R products have been developed to surpass the specifications of key vehicle manufacturers using the very latest synthetic technology. Carlube and Triple R have been trusted for over 25 years illustrating the brand loyalty from our customers.


  • Superior engine cleanliness and wear protection by preventing the formation of harmful engine sludge and deposits
  • Low-SAPS technology therefore compatible with after-treatment devices
  • Fuel economy benefits of up to 2.1%
  • Outstanding protection to both engine and environment