About Carlube

Carlube is the largest independent oil manufacturer in the UK and the biggest automotive brand behind British sporting events. With Tetrosyl’s extensive range of engine oils, lubricants and car care products, it can meet the ever changing demands of modern vehicles.

Carlube are the official sponsor of the Huges motorsport team in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). The engine in the Toyota Avensis will be lubricated and protected by Carlube's new ester based 10w60 racing oil on the intense track days.


Carlube and Ginetta

A Partnership that puts the "Great" in "Great Britain".

Bristish Motorsport Sponsorship has been key to Carlubes marketing campaign since the brand was launched in 1988. Most recently Carlube have become the (OE) original equipment fill in all the new Ginetta road and race cars. The Ginetta trio of Championships will be powered by Carlube Triple R engine oil - Road, Rally, Race.


Carlube Triple R - The heartbeat of your engine

Carlube are also very proud to announce the sponsorship of Pameo Racing and rider Sam West in the British Superbike Championship, the first of its kind for Tetrosyl. The technical team at Carlube have worked closely with the Superbike Championship team to ensure the Kawasaki ZX10R performs at its best with the use of Carlube Engine Oil.