Triple T STOU

THE TRIPLE T SUPER TRACTOR OIL UNIVERSAL for engine, transmission, axle, brake and hydraulic applications for reduced complexity, reduced inventory and cost. Balanced friction performance giving precise clutch and brake operation.

Triple T products provide resistance to water contamination by offering rust and corrosion protection. This product is based on technology with proven field experience of over 600,000,000 hours.


  • Broad spectrum of OEM credentials
  • Superior Anti-wear performance
  • Balanced friction performance for accurate clutch and brake operation
  • Fuel efficiency benefits

Engine cleanliness and guaranteed performance is a priority for any farm tractor, which is a particular highlight of Carlube Triple T 10W-30 STOU, that has provided 66% greater piston cleanliness than key industry tests require. Furthermore, gear protection is another key topic especially considering modern transmission, axle and final drive technology. 

Carlube Triple T 10W-30 STOU has far surpassed the industry wide requirements, providing passing results three levels higher than gear tests demand. Customers using Carlube Triple T 10W-30 STOU will benefit from excellent cleanliness and wear protection in the most severe operating conditions, across the broadest range of equipment – to provide a single oil for the majority of typical farming applications.