Carlube Synthetic

CARLUBE OILS ARE HIGH SPECIFICATION OILS designed to meet the increasing market demand for high quality but affordable engine oils. Carlube oils cover a wide range of vehicles, from new high performance cars through to older, higher mileage vehicles.

When used in vehicles with modern engines Carlube oils will reduce friction resulting in a boost to fuel economy, giving an overall protection from cold starts to high temperature driving. All Carlube oils are blended in the UK, at our state of the art manufacturing facility using the highest quality refined ingredients. Carlube produces lubricants that meet the highest performance engine oil specifications, meaning this range of oils provides key benefits to vehicle owners, including engine cleanliness, wear protection, fuel economy and after-treatment device compatibility.

Carlube Synthetic engine oils prevent the formation of engine sludge and deposits. Sludge build up can cause oil starvation, increased engine wear and can negatively affect fuel economy, performance and engine life. Carlube aims to keep your vehicle’s key components cool, clean, lubricated and working at their optimum.


  • Prevents the formation of harmful engine sludge and deposits
  • Keeps vehicle components cool, clean and lubricated
  • Provides additional engine protection and cleanliness
  • Maintains high levels of performance and durability within the engine