Carlube Mineral & Monograde

CARLUBE MINERAL AND MONOGRADE OILS ARE FORMULATED using the highest quality mineral base oils. Mineral oils are blended with advanced technology additives to give high anti-wear and detergency properties, thus providing longer engine life and maintaining maximum performance.

Our mineral/monograde oils have been thoroughly tested against American and European industry wide specifications and criteria to provide reassuring and reliable engine protection and performance whilst used within the recommended oil drain intervals.

These oils are especially ideal for fleet owners where mixed vehicle types are used, due to the convenience of approvals including ACEA A3/B4 and API SL, all of which feature heavily in OEM requirements.


  • Tried, tested and proven strong wear protection
  • In the coldest temperatures when engines are the most at risk, Carlube Mineral/Monograde oils flow to the most vulnerable parts of the engine with ease, tackling the cold winter months in Northern Europe and beyond
  • Face the stresses of daily driving with ease, keeping the engine running smoothly and efficiently
  • Protects engine components, maintains a clean and highly performing motor and provides strong corrosion and wear protection