Fuels & Oil Additives

CARLUBE OFFER A FULL RANGE OF FUEL ADDITIVES that include fuel treatments and oil additives which keep modern engines in great condition to give the best performance by improving fuel quality, reducing emissions and improving reliability.

The Petrol/Diesel Treatment products are intended to be used on a regular basis to help prevent deposit formation.

If there are existing problems, then the need to use the more powerful injector cleaners is required.

Nitrox Diesel Boost gives all the benefits of the injector cleaner but also enhances the cetane number of diesel fuel. Higher cetane number allows the engine to run more smoothly and quietly. In certain types of engines this will lead to increased efficiency.


  • Increases and revitalize engine oil protection
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Prevents engine oil sludge build up
  • Keeps engines cleaner
  • Reduces carbon deposits and oil consumption
  • Reduces emissions