CARLUBE ADBLUE is a reducing agent produced to ISO 22241 standard for SCR exhaust after-treatment devices in the latest generation of diesel powered Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI engines.

AdBlue is used with selective catalytic reduction systems to reduce emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from the exhausts of diesel vehicles. The formulation must comply with the ISO 22241 specification and is known as Automotive Grade Urea Solution, AUS 32 and AdBlue.

The general consumption by passenger vehicles of AdBlue is around 1 Litre per 1000km, which typically leaves the vehicles having the AdBlue refilled at the regular service interval. But our technical team noticed that some vehicles are using more AdBlue meaning they require top-up between service intervals, so introduced a 3.5L top-up AdBlue to keep customers on the road.

Passenger vehicles will not operate without AdBlue, if the AdBlue tank becomes empty the vehicle will not start.


  • Improves environmental impact through reduced emissions
  • Reduces Nitrogen Oxides into the atmosphere, resulting in better fuel economy
  • 5% reduction in fuel costs and lower servicing costs
  • Carlube is suitable for all vehicles fitted with SCR systems.
  • Colourless, Non-toxic and Non-flammable
  • Attachable spout included with the 3.5L version for ease of use