Carlube is the UK's largest independent producer of motor oil, with an extensive range of oils and lubricants.

Our product range

Low Ash/Low SAPS

Carlube Triple R low ash / low SAPS engine oils are formulated to meet and exceed the most stringent requirements of car manufacturers.

Suitable for engines operating under extended service regimes.
Recommended for all modern cars, especially recommended for Euro IV, V and VI complaint vehicles fitted with the latest catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Fully Synthetic

Carlube fully synthetic engine oils have been developed with the very latest synthetic technology producing a range of premium quality engine oils to meet the very latest API, ACEA and OEM requirements for today's modern vehicle requirements.
Fully synthetic engine oils offer increased engine protection and longer engine life, reduced friction, better lubrication during extreme cold weather starts and increased MPG.


Semi-synthetic engine oils consist of a blend of mineral and synthetic base oils. Designed to have many of the benefits of synthetic oils, the performance, quality and durability is between that of a mineral oil and a fully synthetic oil. Carlube's semi-synthetic engine oils have been designed to offer a higher level of performance and protection than some of the lower quality semi-synthetics on the market.
Our flagship range Triple R premium grade engine oils have been developed to maximise engine performance from today's advanced engines.