Modern lubricants are formulated for modern engine designs to enable modern vehicles to meet emissions legislation. This results in increasingly thinner semi and/or fully synthetic oils. In the majority of instances these oils are not suitable for older vehicles, which were designed to use mainly mineral oils with different viscosities.


Carlube Classic Oils is a range of specialist lubricants designed for use in veteran, vintage and classic motor vehicles. The high quality, low detergent monograde mineral lubricants are suitable for use in naturally aspirated 4 stroke petrol and diesel engines and manual operated gearboxes of that age, providing maximum protection to prolong the life performance of treasured classics.

Veteran cars (pre 1918), vintage cars (1920 – 1930), post vintage (1931 – 1939), vintage antique (1939 – 1959) classic cars (post 1945)

Our Product Range: